Friday, January 27, 2012

Oecumenius of Trikka (mid 10th cent.)
did not have in his NT text
the Johannine Comma /

Ο Οικουμένιος Τρίκκης (μέσα 10ου αι.)
δεν είχε κείμενο της ΚΔ
με το Ιωάννειο Κόμμα

* Οικουμενίου / Oecumenius,
Εξηγήσεις παλαιαί και λίαν ωφέλιμοι βραχυλογίαν τε και σαφήνειαν του λόγου έχουσαι θαυμαστήν, εκ διαφόρων των αγίων πατέρων υπομνημάτων υπό Οικουμενίου και Αρέθα συλλεχθείσαι εις τας ταις Νέας Διαθήκης /
Expositiones antiquae ac ualde utiles breuitatem una cum perspicuitate habentes mirabilem, ex diuersis Sanctorum Patrum commentariis ab Oecumenio & Aretha collectae in hosce Noui Testamenti tractatus
apud Stephanum & fratres Sabios,
Veronae, 1532,
p./σ. 211.

[Ελληνικά/Greek, PDF]


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, are you sure that this copy is accurate? I mean the image and the page number.

digiSapientia said...

You are right. There was a mistake concerning the edition mentioned. Here is a copy of the edition mentioned originally in this post:

(* Οικουμενίου / Oecumenius,
Εξήγησις εις τας επτάς καθολικάς λεγομένας επιστολάς /
Oecumenii expositio in septem illas, quae Catholicae dicuntur, epistolas,
Johannes Henten, Impenfis Andreae Marnii,
Francofurti 1610,
p. 300)

Thank you for your notice.

Anonymous said...

I believe that thanks should be due to you. Your post is helpful.

This is a digitised imaged of the 1532 edition. p 211

I know not if I'm mistaken but that B/w image must be by an institutional access or so, for other than in such or the HAB, the book can't be found.

digiSapientia said...

Thank you for your comments.