Saturday, June 15, 2013

William Tyndale
& his mission
to translate the Bible
into English,
on BBC Two /

Ο Γουίλιαμ Τίντεϊλ
και η ιερή αποστολή του
να μεταφράσει την Αγία Γραφή
στην Αγγλική,
στο BBC Two

Melvyn Bragg explores the dramatic story of William Tyndale and his mission to translate the Bible into English. Melvyn reveals the story of a man whose life and legacy have been hidden from history but whose impact on Christianity in Britain and on the English language endures today. His radical translation of the Bible into English made him a profound threat to the authority of the church and state, and set him on a fateful collision course with Henry VIII's heretic hunters and those of the pope.

* BBC Two.

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