Tuesday, July 2, 2013

P.Oxy. LXXVII 5101
(1st/2nd cent. CE / 1ος/2ος αι. Κ.Χ.):

Includes the Tetragrammaton
in paleo-Hebrew characters /

Περιέχεται το Τετραγράμματο
με παλαιοεβραϊκούς χαρακτήρες

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The Tetragrammaton
at A12, 14 (A is the bottom middle fragment on the image),
and D14 (D is the bottom left fragment on the image).

P.Oxy.LXXVII 5101
(Rahlfs 2227)

LXX, Psalms XXVI 9-14, XLIV 4-8, XLVII 13-15,
XLVIII 6-21, XLIX 2-16, LXIII 6 - LXIV 5

D. Colomo; W. B. Henry

Publication date     2011
Date     First / second century
Provenance     Oxyrhynchus
Location     Papyrology Rooms, Sackler Library, Oxford
Genre     Religion; Septuagint
Format     Roll
Material     Papyrus

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