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Βιβλικά υπομνήματα-σχολιολόγια
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Bible Commentaries On-line

Advice and Reviews

Commentaries on the Whole Bible

  • Calvin's Commentaries. English translation of the famous reformer's commentaries. Also here.
  • Matthew Henry's Commentary. The best resource I know for traditional Protestant interpretation and application. Also here.
  • Poole’s “Annotations”Annotations Upon the Holy Bible, Wherein the Sacred Text is Inserted, and Various Readings Annex'd … by the Late Reverend and Learned Divine Mr. Matthew Poole (London: Parkhurst, 1700): vol. 1 (Genesis-Isaiah); vol. 2 (Jeremiah-Revelation).
  • Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary. A good concise commentary, much less full than Calvin's or Henry's, but more recent. Also here. Download it in a variety of formats here.
  • John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible. Though dated in some respects, Gill's (strongly Calvinistic) commentary is especially helpful for theological exposition. Also here.
  • Classic Bible Commentaries, courtesy of E-Word Today. Includes commentaries of Gill, Jamieson-Faussett-Brown, John Lightfoot, Ben Johnson, Matthew Henry, McGarvey and Pendleton, and Luther (Galatians). Also the notes of Darby, Wesley, and the Geneva Bible.
  • Coffman's Commentaries. Conservative and devotional commentary on the whole Bible by a Church of Christ scholar, James Burton Coffman. Useful for beginning students, but rather florid in style, and theologically Arminian.
  • Adam Clarke's Commentaries. Conservative and Arminian.
  • Expositions of Holy Scripture by Alexander Maclaren (1908). We might call this a devotional commentary, but it is written on a much higher level than most devotional works. It consists of expository essays on most of the Bible.
  • The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Not really a commentary, but a collection of cross-references for every verse of the Bible. Scripture is its own best interpreter!

Commentaries on the Old Testament

  • An Old Testament commentary for English readers, by various writers, edited by Charles J. Ellicott, 5 vols. (London: Cassell, 1882-3): vol. 1; vol. 2; vol 3; vol. 4; vol. 5.

Commentaries on the New Testament

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