Tuesday, October 25, 2011

P.Oxy.L 3522
Job/Ιώβ 42:11-12:

A Paleo-hebrew Tetragrammaton in the LXX
dated in the 1st cent. CE /

Παλαιοεβραϊκό Τετραγράμματο στην Ο'
χρονολογούμενο τον 1ο αι. ΚΧ

P.Oxy.L 3522
LXX Job 42:11-12
ed. P. J. Parsons

Publication date 1983
Date First century
Provenance Oxyrhynchus
Location Papyrology Rooms, Sackler Library, Oxford
Genre Religion: Narrative
Format Roll
Material Papyrus


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See The Oxyrhynchus Papyri for a transcription.

* Source/Πηγή: papyrology.ox.ac.uk/POxy/

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